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Lighting Control System

GS Street Light Control system (SLCS) is comprised of three parts, a Central Management System (CMS), fixture control and user interface (WEB Client or APP). The CMS communicates with the LED fixture utilizing industry standard TALQ protocol while the communication between each individual fixture is done with the ZigBee standard.

The entire system is designed to maximize energy savings and minimize operating costs for street lights.

In addition, the CMS can “link” or synchronize multiple street lights together with the use of standard communication protocols.

The mobile APP/web-client communicates to the CMS through standard 3G,4G or Internet WIFI. The CMS communicates to the fixture controllers using the TALQ standard through either GPRS or 3G networks. ZigBee wireless communication technology is then used between each fixture and to report data back to the fixture controller.

Power usage, brightness, motion sensing, on/off state times can be set through the mobile APP/web-Client.

Solar Lighting System consists three parts including solar panel, Fe battery and controller. The solar panel converts solar energy to electricity and charge the Fe battery, which enables the battery discharge to power on the luminaire.

In comparison with conventional solar solution powered by lead acid solar battery, the key component Fe battery features its super long life, higher electricity charge and discharge efficiency and it is more environmentally-friendly.